*purposely blurred*


"I’m so fancy"

"Hey mom, the stars are falling!"

absolutely loved the fireworks tonight, and even happier i brought my camera! hope everyone had a lovely holiday/day!


We hope you guys love the new lyric video for our next single ‘Amnesia’ x www.youtube.com/5sosvevo #5sosAmnesia #5sosAmnesiaLyricVideo

I freaking love it


lovely hotel advice via Jack

beach weekend feat. Dat Ass

yesterday my brother found a caterpillar and he showed me it and I told him to leave it be. then he teases me by putting his foot over it; hovering just above it. I told him to stop when he wavered & stepped on its back.

and I will tell you now, I’ve never been more genuinely upset with a person for more than 2 hours.

So took these yesterday before the show! They were playing football & giving each other piggy-back rides & just hanging & having great time (:

(except for the Mickey one, creds to who did!)

P.s. shoutout to Sam the security guard, yoyo

(he didn’t wanna take pictures with us so I got this haha)

Yep (: I actually just found this yesterday at the show, haha

They share a snap & it’s: WesandKeats

(: have fun!